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Denouncing Alpha Kappa Alpha, Part III: The Rituals & Denouncement Process

Upon denouncing, I threw away everything associated with the sorority. Everything. As such, the rituals here is what's been documented online. There's a possibility that the wording of some rituals are different. This does not negate the issue at hand, which is that participation in BGLOs is idol worship for the individual that professes to be Christian.

Indicated below are portions of the ritual, along with guiding points to read and consider as you study for yourself. Click each dropdown arrow to view.

Image A: Altars • Love • Eternity • Scripture

Image B: Pledging allegiance

Image C: Blind faith

Image D: Altars • Allegiance • Secrecy • Oaths

Image E: Covenant

Image F: Yoked




  • 2014: Joined AKA

  • 2016: Became inactive

  • 2019: Denounced via email to corporate (no response)

  • 2021-23: Denounced via notarized notice to corporate and eventually received a response. I was not satisfied with the response, so it's still in progress. This is also when I made my denouncement public.


As I've previously shared, I knew my time with AKA was going to be short. I didn't fully know why, but I slowly learned over time. It's been almost ten years filled with growing pains — not pain caused by leaving the organization (that's been quite joyful and refreshing actually), but pain caused by my disobedience, ignorance, and infidelity towards God. Transparently, I went through a period of grieving the way that I'd grieved God. It literally made (and still makes) me nauseous as I reread the rituals and vividly recall myself kneeling down in that room.

Where I currently stand makes me wonder what took me so long to denounce. As I've thought about it, I remind myself that everything is spiritual. Once I came into covenant with the organization by first simply agreeing to be initiated, I gave permission for that spirit to have authority. The Spirit of God and the spirit of AKA are two different things (i.e. Light vs. dark). Where God truly is present, there's love, peace, kindness, humility, freedom, safety, power, and a sound mind. Anything not of God is opposite of that — bondage, fear, confusion, pride, hate, jealousy, no peace, etc.

Although I had denounced within my heart and to those closest to me, there was still a stronghold to the organization. I had not fully and publicly denounced/renounced the covenant made; and God honors our oaths, whether they align with His word or not. In the oath, we agreed to secrecy, to defend the organization at all costs, to be obedient to whatever they instructed. That oath still had authority and therefore made it challenging to even talk about it. I wasn't afraid to do so, but the stronghold for me unfolded as passivity, delay, and inward anger.

But there are those who are afraid to expose darkness and leave. This is partially why you'll see many denouncement videos that are still very, very vague. Some will not mention the organization's name or provide explicit reason for their departure from the org. They are still bound to the oaths that they've taken and are still swearing by secrecy and defense, even if they feel a tug to leave.

I've spoken to believers who've yet to denounce (all voluntary conversations brought to me) and some have openly admitted to knowing their participation opposes God, but find it hard to leave. Others, ministers even, have defended the oaths of their org and instead, have challenged the authority of scripture in their life. At the core, they prefer to love and follow their organizations rather than loving and following God. If you're unsure of which side you're on, simply evaluate your response to this post. Either you will be highly offended and experience unrighteous anger or you'll experience a level of conviction and seek to be in right standing with God.

There are so many portions of this journey I wish I had capacity to cover at the moment. But it is my hope that you, the follower of Christ, have been enlightened by what's been revealed. More importantly, it is my prayer that you sense the urgency for believers in Christ to come out of covenant with false gods.

All in all, I'm grateful that this experience has allowed growth in the areas of:

  • living a life of daily repentance

  • forgiving myself because God already has

  • practicing righteous judgement

  • prioritizing the Gospel above all

Does this mean that you, a believer interested in a BGLO, should still pursue it in order to learn these things? No. If anything, there's now no excuse to do so because you've read the warning. But the decision is now yours.

If you're interested in learning more, I'd suggest that you look into:

  • The establishment and breaking of covenants in the Bible

  • The presence and ceremonies of BGLOs and other secret societies at important functions such as weddings, funerals, births, and baptisms

  • The generational consequences of forming such covenants (hint: it doesn't just affect you).

  • The chants of BGLOs vs. The Bible

  • Other occult groups - BGLOs, Eastern Star/Masons, etc.

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